Works by Hector Armienta

Operas and Musical Theater Works

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Rap/Opera Project Ensemble

The Rap/Opera Project Ensemble presents a revolutionary model for the classical performing arts.

Helmed by Hector Armienta, R/OPE features a quartet of out-of-the box performers including master beatboxer/rapper Emcee Infinite, acclaimed sopra

River of Women/Rio de Mujeres

The plot centers around the desire of one woman to escape the rural life of the river, but is thwarted by both her family and her culture. In the end, the spirit of the river and La Llorona, claim both her dreams and the life of her only daughter.

La Llorona/The Weeping Woman

Based on legend of La Llorona/The Weeping Woman. This tale of the Mexican Medea has been told and retold throughout central America and the southwest.

Death/La Muerte

Part III of the Aguas Ancestrales trilogy, La Muerte, also explores the theme of death and transcendence. What lies beyond life? For some Latinos, La Muerte exists with us and is not to be feared.

A Journey of Faith/Un Camino De Fe

Un Camino De Fe is a story within a story. It opens with a young Latina high school girl struggling with a writing assignment for a competition.

The Coyotes and the Rabbits/Los Coyotes y Las Conejas

Bilingual Chiildren's Opera by Hector Armienta


World War II is over and the people of Paris are at last liberated, but many are destitute. They search for hope and eventually the find it in one of the great stars of Paris returns.