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La Llorona in NYC, Summer Conservatory and a New Website

January 19, 2011

La Llorona - A Musical Drama goes to New York

Fulfilling a Dream

Teatro Latea, in association with Opera Cultura will be producing the first showcase production of my musical drama in NYC in fall of September 2011. I can not tell you how long I have been hoping for this kind of opportunity. Originally produced by Western Stage Theater in California (with support from an NEA grant in artistic excellence), La Llorona has already had a reading in NYC. It was presented last year at NYC's prestigious York Theatre. However, this will mark the first showcase production. Jose Esquea, one of the artistic directors of Teatro Latea, will be directing the work at Teatro Latea next fall.

As an artist and a Latino American, I'm thrilled that it will be in New York. There is a growing Mexican and Mexican American community in that city and Teatro Latea is interested in reaching this community. With luck and good PR, my hope is that other theaters will take the work to the next level - a fully staged production on Broadway and in regional theaters across the country. To learn how you can help, click here.

Support the Dream - La Llorona in NYC

Teatro Latea has committed to financing over seventy percent of the production costs. Given the state of arts funding, that's admirable. However, Opera Cultura must raise its share - $10,000.00. $1500.00 has been raised so far.

We're counting on individuals like you to raise the rest and make this dream a reality. For your support, I've created unique gifts that capture the evolution of this work and the journey in completing it. Please click here and make a tax deductible donation. I will always remember your generosity and how you made it possible to bring bilingual musical theater to NYC. Thank you.

Summer Performing Arts Conservatory Returns!

Musical Theater Song and Scene Program - Ages 12 - 16

Opera Cultura will once again produce its intensive two week summer performing arts program in San Jose Ca. The program will take place at Notre Dame High School. One of our core missions is to train young artists and bring together young people that represent the cultural diversity of San Jose. For more information or to register please click here.


Please visit our new and vastly improved website. There are new images and video of the work that Opera Cultura has produced as well as materials from productions of my work by other organizations. Ms. Keira Heu-Jwyn Chang of SPLoRTDoTorG, webdesigner and noted photgrapher, has truly captured the spirit of Opera Cultura and my work. She's quite an artist in her own right. If you have a moment, please also leave a comment. I'd very much like to get your feedback.