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We met our Challenge Grant!!!

June 15, 2013

Alexandra SesslerThanks to the donors who attended our June fundraising event, The Passion of Zarzuela, we met  our challenge grant from the Castellano Family Foundation and surpassed our fundraising goal! Donors were treated to a preview performance of our upcoming concert "Zarzuela and Beyond - The Passion of Spanish Music and Dance", which will be held on Saturday September 28th at 7:30 pm.  

The fundraising event took place on Saturday June 1st at the home our co - hosts, Fernando and Cecily Zazueta.  Co chairs of the event were Consuelo Yepiz and Cecily Zazueta. 
Accompanied by composer and artistic director Hector Armienta, Alexandra Sessler performed arias from the Zarzuela repertoire. We are extremely grateful to those that attended the event and those that made it so successful. See you at the September concert. 
Vita Flores and Lily Tenes 
Carmen and Lawrence StoneConsuelo Yepiz, Isaac and Elisa Orona

Alexandra Sessler, Hector Armienta, Cheryl MarqezFernando Zazueta

Top Left - Soprano Alexandra Sessler

Photos under text ( Left to right)

Top:  Vita Flores and Lily Tenes; group photo
Middle:  Carmen and Larry Stone, Consuelo Yepiz, Isaac and Elisa Orona
Bottom:  Sop. Alexandra Sessler, Art. Dir. Hector Armienta, and Cheyl Marquez