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La Llorona & Rio De Mujeres go to Philadelphia

February 21, 2013

Center Ctiy Opera recently did me the great honor of presenting excerpts from my chamber opera, Rio De Mujeres/River of Women ( a chamber opera) and La Llorona ( A Musical Drama). Both these works are part of my trilogy - Aguas Ancestrales/Ancient Waters. Works by other composers, such as Catan, Golijov, Chapi, and Torroba, were also presented. 

I was able to attend three of the performances. it was wonderful to be included in a concert that focused on the Latino cultural experience. Maestro Andrew Kurtz, artistic director of Center City Opera and his performers, are truly committed to promoting Latino/Hispanic culture in the United States.  

Hector Armienta
Artistic Director 

Video Credit - How La Llorona Began