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Armienta in Concert - Barcelona Spain

February 28, 2016

Composer/Pianist and artistic director Héctor Armienta has developed a new project titled the Caminos Project. The first concert will take place on March 9th at the Instituto Norte Americáno in Barcelona Spain. Soprano Rachel Duval, who will play the lead in Opera Cultura's production of Rio de Mujéres will be one of the featured artists. 

The concert series explores the vast vocal repertoire of Hispanic and Latino classical music. Mr. Armienta also discusses his work, his influences, and upcoming projects.

 Special thanks to the host of the concert, Instituto Norte Americano. Thank you also to the Mexican Consulate of San Jose and the Mexican Consulate of Barcelona for arranging the concert. 
(Photo of Guillem Iglesias, Administrative Dir. of Insitut d' Estudis Nord - Americans and Héctor Armienta)