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AB5 - Opera Cultura needs your help!

February 04, 2020

Have you heard of AB5? A new bill that redefines the requirements to be an independent contractor, AB5 went into effect Jan 1, and has had devastating effects for small arts organizations like Opera Cultura. Most performing arts organizations and musical groups hire their artists and other production staff as independent contractors, due to the temporary nature of the job and other factors. AB5 has severely restricted who can be an independent contractor. The bill quickly passed and became law without being the radar of many of us (more info via links below).

Now, in the middle of our fiscal year, when our funding has been determined and most hiring done, we must convert all of our independent contractors to employees. This requires over a $20,000 increase in payroll costs to Opera Cultura. Fortunately, we are able to reduce our expenses in some areas so that we do not have to cancel any productions (see SFCV link below).

However, we are asking for your support so that we can carry out the productions that we originally envisioned. If we can raise $3,000 more in individual donations, we will be able to hire 1 more singer for an important supporting role, and 2 more musicians. 

Any amount you are able to contribute
 will greatly benefit our work during this challenging turn of events. Click here to make a donation online, or you can mail a check to PO Box 6293, San Jose, CA 95113.

We also are offering opportunities to sponsor an artist at a level of $250 or more, please contact Tamara Liu at t.liu@operacultura.org for more information. 

Support Opera Cultura

For more information on AB5, please see the links below: 

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“California Assembly Bill 5 and Worker Misclassification” (Californians for the Arts)

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“How AB5 has instilled fear and confusion in California’s arts community” (LA Times)

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