La Llorona & Rio De Mujeres go to Philadelphia

Center Ctiy Opera presents excerpts from Armienta's Trilogy - Aguas Ancestrales 

The Latino Audience - Which one?

Whenever you consider producing a work or a concert that is targeted toward the Latino community, think carefully consider which one you mean. 

Opera Cultura Students at Work

We have been extremely fortunate this year.

West Side Story - An Opera or a Musical?

West Side Story is one of my favorite works because in some ways it functions very much like an opera. Most would argue that it is not an opera, primarily because there is spoken dialogue. However, there are operas that were written with dialogue, such as the opera Carmen.

Musical Theater Program at MHP

I'm quite excited that the summer program will be moving to the new School of Music and Art at the The Mexican Heritage Plaza (MHP). For those of you that have never seen it, it is one of the crown cultural jewels of San Jose. What the plaza offers is space that was specifically designed for the performing and visual arts.