La Escuela

Training Program

Jan 11 - Mar 29, 2022

Historic Hoover Theater in San Jose
1635 Park Ave
San Jose, CA 95126

Additional Information:
  • Open to young people of color 16-22 years old
  • Current track: Performing Arts 
  • Future track (TBD): Technical Theater Production
  • 12-week (or 12 classes) program in either tracks

QUESTIONS? Please contact Sarah Hirshland at

La Escuela is supported in part by:

The California Arts Council & Opera America


Through La Escuela Initiative, young people of color will receive training as performing artists and in the area of technical theater production. Opera Cultura will provide work opportunities for participants by employing 1-4 qualifying students from La Escuela for all mainstage productions. Qualifying students will be those who have met all criteria (attended all sessions, learned the necessary skills, etc.). 

The importance of La Escuela:
Opera Cultura sees this initiative as a way to address the inequity in training and work opportunities for young people of color, particularly from the Latinx community. 

More about La Escuela Initiative: 
  • Performance and training opportunities for young performing artists of color
  • Employing students from La Escuela for all main stage productions.
  • Providing partial and full scholarships to low income individuals.
  • Developing partnerships with social service organizations and non profit job placement organizations that target young people of color, with priority going to residents in Santa Clara county