Bless Me Ultima - A Workshop Reading

Reading of Excerpts from Work in Progress

September 26th, 2015

King Library
150 E. San Fernando St.
San Jose, CA 94603

Opera Cultura in association with the Mexican American Studies and Cultural Heritage Center-MLK library, San Jose State University will be presenting excerpts from Hector Armienta's opera, Bless Me Ultima, based on Rudolfo Anaya's epic novel of the same title. Four arias will be performed by an incredibly talented cast, including international star mezzo soprano Suzanna Guzman.

After the performance there will be a discussion with the composerAfter the performance, there will be a discussion with composer/librettist Hector Armienta and cast about the work.  Seating is limited ( 100 seats) so make reservations right away.You won't want to miss this event.

The entire presentation will last approximately one hour ( including the discussion).

Ultima............Suzanna Guzman
Antonio...........Rowan Whitney
Maria..............Aimee Puentes
Gabriel............Igor Vieira
Andrew............Alfredo Martirena
Pianist.............Paul Dab 

Antonio Marez is a young boy when Ultima comes to stay with his family in New Mexico. She is a curandera, one who cures with herbs and magic. Under her wise wing, Tony will probe the family ties that bind and rend him, and he will discover himself in the magical secrets of the pagan past-a mythic legacy as palpable as the Catholicism of Latin America. And at each life turn there is Ultima, who delivered Tony into the world...and will nurture the birth of his soul

Mezzo Soprano Suzanna GuzmanTenor Alfredo MartineraRowan Whitney
Aimee Puentes

Photos ( Top Row L to R: Suzanna Guzman, Alfredo Martirena, Rowan Whitney. Bottom   L to R: Igor Vieira, Aimee Puentes) 

Funding for the reading is made possible in part by a grant from the Knight Foundation, the Castellano Family Foundation, Silicon Valley Creates,  and Friends of Opera Cultura.